Trident International Columbus History

History provided for historical record.
This information may not be relevant to all Trident chapters

Original Formation
Founded at Montreal in February, 1973, Trident M.C., now international, was the result of an idea by two non-club independents.

The original club was named and formed at and during the existence of a Montreal waterfront tavern called, The Neptune. The name and logo was adopted as the result of┬áthe Neptune’s theme. The establishments logo was the three pronged fork carried by King Neptune, God of the Waters. Trident International’s logo design is a stylized combination of King Neptune’s fork and the Province of Quebec symbol, the “fleur-de-lees”. The chosen logo colors are red and black.

Original Purpose
Its purpose was to give individuals identity and recognition to permit involvement in the local, national and international L/L (leather, levi) community.

Original Structure
There was no need for formal structure either by way of constitution, officials and treasure, nor rules and regulations. The original objective was identity.

Original Identity
The club was named and formed at and during the existence of a Montreal waterfront tavern, The Neptune. The name and logo was the result of the use of the three pronged fork carried by King Neptune, God of the Waters. The logo design stylized this fork and the emblem of the Province of Quebec, the “fleur-de-lees”. The basic colors (red and black) were those most frequently used by large clubs and affiliations.

Original Membership
Although initially intended for the two founders, membership was sought and extended to others of close association and friendship. These included members of L/L clubs, independents and newcomers to the L/L scene.

Original Expansion
The personal movement of the original founders of Montreal Dispersed existing members between Atlantic and Pacific coasts. However, the involvement in club activities at the various new locations resulted in the acceptance of additional members across the continent. As the members traveled, the Trident idea of individual identity was spread to four countries.

Original Philosophy
Although seriocomically in nature, to identify ourselves and state our purpose and intent, a group of member composed and published the Trident Creed.

Original Trident Creed
Trident I am, therefore I am a Brother to men of every color, creed, religion and affiliation. Readily I support and encourage all men of like endeavor, singularly and collectively, to achieve our goal of Universal Brotherhood, repelling and opposing those who would hinder or stifle this cause. I am at liberty to promote and propagate alterations and changes to better and/or improve the structure of our club. Decisions of the club obtained by consensus of our membership within the confines of parliamentary procedure, I agree to abide by and uphold. Equal am I in all matters of our club organization and structure. I welcome and accept as a peer, all fellow members of our club who have been duly approved and accepted by our membership. Never shall I be deprived of membership unless I have proven a lack of integrity, honesty or compliance to this, our credo.

Original Activities
As participants in the many activities of the L/L club milieu, it was decided that any contributions would be the responsibility of members in attendance. Therefore, although presented in the name of all Tridents everywhere, only the participants would be expected to bear the financial responsibility. This resulted in only one change: all activities of Trident would continue to allow the involvement of associates. The decision making process, however, was to be for full members only. This definition permitted members of other clubs to align themselves with our purpose, partake in any and all activities with exception of the voting rights. This same condition was extended to applicants who wanted only associate status while remaining independent.

Original Traditions
It was not the original intent to specify conditions. The evolution, however, required some sort of guidelines. When confronted by a situation requiring clarification, the club would decide on a course of action which was deemed a “tradition”. These are continually evaluated to reflect the changing situations: the membership does alter these traditions from time to time based on totality and not by exception. Within the concepts of the Trident Creed, The following are some of the current traditions:

A member may not hold full membership in another L/L club which is part of the overall brotherhood scene; he may, however, be accepted as an associate.

At any time thereafter, when the associate ceases to hold dual membership, he needs only to declare himself a full member of Trident without further approval.

The customary method of membership identity was adopted in logo usages: a member may wear the back patch, the shoulder patch and the club motto, “Give a damn”, an associate my wear only a shoulder patch.

One segment of the club was to request and receive the mandate to operate all information services, publish the club’s quarterly bulletin and arrange for the annual anniversary celebration. This “clearing house” is by geographical location and for a period of two years, commencing and concluding on July 1st. All costs are borne only by such membership and funds are raised at their discretion.

All applications for membership and associate membership for these areas where Trident was not located would be handled by the current “clearing house”. All applications in these areas where Trident was established were to be handled by the local member(s).

All local activities are by the decision of the local members. Decisions reflecting on the entire membership are made by the entire membership. When needed, individuals representing the local members are chosen by the local membership. Individuals representing the entire membership are so chosen.

Any member or group of members may call a local meeting at any time on any subject. All local members and associates are to be informed of the planned meeting. Attendance is voluntary.

Original Publication
The current quarterly bulletin, “Trident Trimester”, is for the expression of the opinions of all members and associates everywhere. All material submitted is published without censorship and as submitted. Translation is supplied upon request.